- Empowering business by giving consumers a voice.
"Empowering business by giving consumers a voice." sm

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BizGrader helps businesses, of any size, improve their customer satisfaction by providing them with actionable results from their consumers.  Our mission at BizGrader is two-fold: to provide any business the ability to improve their customer satisfaction and to allow the consumer with a vehicle to provide anonymous feedback.

BizGrader provides a valuable and versatile tool for business owners and their managers to monitor and act upon the feedback of their own customers.  Our services benefit the businesses who subscribe as well as the member customers.  BizGrader goes beyond simple demographics questions and instead asks the hard hitting questions that allow businesses to retain their customers.

Through its unique survey methodology, BizGrader enables businesses to capture their most relevant customers’ feedback and analyze them in easy to use graphic reports.  Methods like do-it-yourself survey software, comment cards, telephone surveys, mailed questionnaires, etc. take too much time to set up, are not consistently applied, are hard to manage, and are just too expensive for the results obtained. BizGrader sets up your program quickly, with little involvement on your part and at a smile making price. We custom design the entire program for your business and guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results.  In under one week, with very little involvement on your part, you can be reviewing the results of a customer satisfaction survey tailored to your business. No other method of surveying customer satisfaction, at any cost, is as easy or as effective as

Isn’t it about time to find out how your customers feel about your business?  Contact BizGrader now to set up and appointment.